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-Favorite Doc Ford Quotes- 

“I had a werewolf morning. Awoke with a rum hangover, imagined blood on the walls, and prayed to god it was mine.” 
― Randy Wayne WhiteTen Thousand Islands

“A society whose moral ideas inhibit their own defense will always suffer defeat by the very predators they deem immoral.” 
― Randy Wayne White

“If you’d spent your life abusing drugs, like a normal person, your skills as a liar would be more highly evolved.” 
― Randy Wayne White, Dead Silence

“Excuses were for those willing to concede that weakness was their strongest ally.” 
― Randy Wayne White, Mangrove Lightning

“I’m prone to exaggerate when I’m sober.” 
― Randy Wayne White, Dead Silence

“When people say they don’t have time, it really means they’re not sufficiently motivated.” 
― Randy Wayne White, Hunter's Moon

“Survival Spanish:

Your uncle's hotel sounds very nice, but I have reservations at

the Holiday Inn.
El hotel de su tio debe de ser muy lindo, pero tengo reservacions

en el Holiday Inn.

I would like your least expensive room.
Quisiera su habitacion menos cara.

I would like a better room.
Quisiera una habitacion mejor.

I would like any room not damaged by the recent earthquake.
Quisiera cualquier habitacion que no sufrio danos en el temblor reciente.

The local women do WHAT to cause fermentation?
Las mujures aqui hacen QUE para causar la fermentacion?

I don't question your abilities, but I am already married.
No dudo sus habilidades, pero estoy botin.

My friend is drunk and I am lost.
Mi amigo esta borracho y estoy perdido.

My friend is lost and I am drunk.
Mi amigo esta perdido y estoy borracho.

My apologies. I thought you asked me to dance.
Disculpeme. Pense que me invito a bailar.

Have I broken a law?
He violado un ley?

May I offer you the gift of money?
Puedo ofrecerle un regalito de dinero?

Did I say twenty dollars? I meant fifty.
Dije veinte dolares? Queria decir CINCUENTA!

You can have our women, but leave the plane tickets.
Pueden llevarse a nuestras majeres, pero dejen nuestros boletos de avion.” 

― Randy Wayne White, Last Flight Out: True Tales of Adventure, Travel, and Fishing (emphasis added)

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