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Seduced Hannah Smith Randy Wayne White Doc Ford

A five-hundred-year-old mystery and a twenty-year-old murder haunt Hannah Smith in a stunning adventure by the author of the New York Times-bestselling Doc Ford novels.

A fishing guide and part-time investigator, Hannah Smith is a tall, strong Florida woman descended from many generations of tall, strong Florida women. But the problem before her now is much older even than that. And its consequences are lethal.

Five hundred years ago, Spanish conquistadors planted the first orange seeds in Florida, but now the billion-dollar industry is in trouble. The trees are dying, weakened by infestation and genetic manipulation, and the only solution might be somehow, somewhere to find sample of the original root stock.

No one is better equipped to traverse the swamps and murky backcountry of Florida than Hannah, but once word leaks out of her quest, the trouble begins. "There are people who will kill to find a direct descendant of those first seeds," she is warned—and it looks like those words may be all too prophetic.

That is, if the secrets she discovers in the Florida wild about a twenty-year-old murder don't kill her first.

Or the fifteen-foot-long Burmese python.

Chapter 1 - Excerpt

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